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Please note that an acceptance of a pitch submission does not guarantee publication. Writing quality and additional factors will be taken into consideration at that state of the submission process.

We accept singular pitch submissions on a variety of digital marketing topics, but we're especially interested in articles that feature

  • SEO trends and insights. We're not looking for answers to basic questions, like. "What are backlinks?" or "How do I use keywords?" We're focused instead on seeing SEO in new ways, and telling other industry experts how SEO can be transformed and used to provide transformational results.
  • Digital marketing. This includes content, website design, and conversion rate optimization. Extra attention will be given to pitches that combine these tools with SEO.
  • Industry news. We believe our partners should be up-to-date on the best the digital marketing world has to offer. If you have unique insight into this arena, we want to hear about it.
  • Globally-focused pieces. We have partners in several European countries and are looking for posts written in German, Dutch, Spanish, and French that also focus on digital marketing and SEO. If you have native-level fluency in any of these languages, we're very interested in reading what you've got.

Pitches should include

  • a headline.
  • a paragraph-length description that gives a brief, but detailed explanation of what your article will focus on. 
  • a list of keywords that can be used to tag and optimize your article for SEO.

Thank you for your interest in submitting to the Boostability blog. Please read the following instructions carefully in order to ensure your submission matches our guidelines.

This is a B2B blog, with a heavy emphasis on SEO marketing.

We’re the largest white-label SEO firm in the world, and we want to feature writers who are, too. Your posts should focus on an audience made up of other movers and shakers in the digital marketing world, showcasing new research and new ideas that can transform basic practices into something really special.

We’re looking for thought leaders.

Articles published on our site must be from reputable digital marketing experts. Submissions must be tied to a company email address (no Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.), and include a professional resume or CV or a link to an active LinkedIn profile. These submission requirements ensure the best and brightest get their content featured on our site.

We expect quality writing.

Your content should be a well-composed, digital marketing-conscious piece. We know you want people to read what you write, and so do we, so make your article accessible and easy to understand in order to make that happen. We suggest familiarizing yourself with some of our more recent posts on the BoostBlog to get a good feel for what we’re looking for. We also score readability with the Yoast plugin; we suggest reading through their criteria before submitting your work. Any submissions that require extensive edits will not be considered for publication.

Look ahead.

We get lots of submissions every week, so in order to give yourself the best shot at publication, take some time to review our Writer Guidelines. They give great in-depth advice about what we’re looking for on a micro scale. Submissions that don’t fit these guidelines in tone or style will not be considered.

Send us the right materials.

We expect full-length articles, around a minimum of 1,200 words, so take some time to complete a project before sending us your work. However, writers whose work we accept will have the opportunity to pitch to our editorial team in the future. You’ll receive an email letting you know if your submission has been accepted or rejected, with additional instructions on what to do if we decide to move forward with your work.